Roslyn has been a pioneer in the jewelry retail world for twenty years.  She developed an interest for jewelry and accessories as a teenager.  Her unique sense of style has evolved with the times leading to the opening of her boutique on the Upper West Side.

Roslyn herself hand-selects every piece of jewelry.  Focusing on extraordinary design, true craftsmanship and individuality, her boutique features antique and estate engagement rings, re-created antique jewelry, contemporary designs and a plethora of unique hats.



I live in San Diego but I received the loveliest bracelet as a gift from a NY friend who regularly shops at Roslyn’s Jewelry. It looks like a one of a kind piece and I receive compliments on it all the time so I reached out to the owner Roslyn to inquire about other pieces and she was very responsive and helpful. I am hoping to physically go to the store on my next trip to New York to see all of the beautiful pieces in person. People who shop at jewelry store chains will probably not appreciate the uniqueness of the pieces this store has to offer, but if you’re like me and looking for one of a kind pieces but lack in creativity in designing your own jewelry, this is the store for you. I only wish it were closer to San Diego!
— Jennifer S — San Diego, CA
I admit it, even though I am the textbook definition of single, I can’t help but stop and stare at the beautiful wedding and engagement rings they have in the window at this place.
They also have other beautiful and unique jewelry and fun hats for children and adults. Girls, bring your boyfriend here and make sure he remembers the address....
— Meg P. — New York, NY
Wandering the stores in the neighborhood I was so pleased to encounter a true neighborhood establishment with an owner— Roslyn , who has been in the same location for almost 20 years. She was extremely helpful and charming and we chatted about the changes she has seen in the neighborhood over the last few years. Her selection is varied and elegant and she truly embodies the “neighborhood merchant” that should always remain the lifeblood of NYC.
— Stephen M. — Manhattan
I always have a great time in this store- the jewelry is some of the finest in Manhattan. The hats range from funky to divine. I never leave this store empty handed... Love this local gem!
— Summer J. — Manhattan
Roslyn has a great selection of Jewelry and hats — her taste is exquisite, and I found the prices reasonable. I found Roslyn herself charming, helpful and knowledgeable, and the store is well designed and beautiful to the eye. I recommend this store highly.
— Scott F. — NYC
I was walking through the Upper West Side in need of a warm hat. I met this woman Roslyn standing outside of the store in the middle of the winter. I thought that a bit peculiar but after a little small talk I had an amazing hat on my head and a small present for my girlfriend. Well my girlfriend decided that this was the only place to buy her engagement ring because the selection of antique diamonds is unbeatable in such an unlikely place. We eventually decided on the 2 carat cushion cut in the platinum mounting. I felt very comfortable and well informed throughout the process. I guess I have found my little oasis on the Upper West Side
— Steve — Manhasset, NY
I am an opera singer who travels to and from NY and Europe. Several years ago, when I sang at the Met, I had some down time and stumbled into Roslyn’s on Columbus and 73rd. The owner “guessed” that I was an opera singer and we ended up having a long talk about music and art. Eventually, I bought my wife some earrings while I was there, which she loved. I decided I wanted to make myself a ring that I have been envisioning for many years. Roslyn met with me, drew up sketches and created a mold- which I then approved. The ring came out beautifully- and Roslyn (and her employees) were really wonderful about getting the ring shipped properly to me when I was on the road. I enjoy it every day- and also appreciated her following up with me. Great overall experience!
— C.B. — Manhattan, NY
I stop by the store all the time, even if it’s not to buy but just to admire their wide range of beautiful jewelry. My husband and I have matching wedding rings from this store, but I wish he’d also bought my engagement ring from here because their selection of vintage rings are GORGEOUS. And Roslyn has a good eye for matching you with great jewelry, and she and her salesladies are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. I definitely recommend this enchanting little shop to anyone who wants great jewelry at great prices.
— Julia A. – Manhattan
I have been visiting this shop for over 6 years and its like visiting the retail experience from when I was a youngster. It is what retailers used to be more like in city neighborhoods. The jewelry is real, well priced and Roslyn works with me and her other customers like an aunt would. She wants you to have what you desire and she finds a way for you to get it. I love the casual attitude of the staff because they allow me the space to look long and hard at the whole shop without feeling pressured. I think this store is what we need more of in this city. Staff with personalities, unusual selections of original and estate jewelry and people you can work with as far as price. I am tired of corporate America and the homogenized product you get there and the immovable prices. And I haven’t even mentioned the hats yet! No other store in the city has her hat selection, I have been to Macy’s and Saks and nothing matches her choices. If you are getting engaged, having a baby, need a retirement gift, Roslyn is the one to go visit, she will be sure the gift you purchase will be memorable.
— Cynthia B. — Jersey City, NJ
The first time ever checking out the Columbus Ave Shops I found this amazing store!
I saw amazing hats in the window and knew I had to go in. I fell in love with an amazing army green and brown fedora style hat. I tried it on several times but could not walk away without purchasing it.

The owner also showed me some beautiful vintage rings and necklaces and of course fell in love with everything. I knew I had to come back and make it a place to stop by at least once a month because of all the new things she gets in so often.

I can’t wait to stop by the shop again! It is a definitely one shop you must stop at while are you perusing the stores on Columbus Ave. It was definitely a very fun experience!
— Isabel V. — Manhattan
Roslyn is an Upper West Side gem. Her selection is eclectic from extraordinary engagement rings to beautiful hats. There is something for everyone. This store carries a wide variety of gemstones for your birthday or any occasion and even has the “power” to raise your energy to attract that which you desire. Roslyn can just look at you and help you find the perfect piece to enhance your beauty. A woman of pure intention and heart. As you can tell, I am a big fan. She has chosen jewelry for me that speaks to my SOUL...A truly unique experience.
— Denise B. — New York, NY
Roslyn’s has some of the most beautiful jewelry, especially if you are looking for gemstones. Unusual designs and high quality. The owner gave me a deal on a beautiful green chalcedony set—earrings, ring and necklace. She caught on to my taste immediately. BTW, there are some great hats in this shop as well. I look forwad to coming back on my next trip to New York!
— Debra — New York, NY
I had a wonderful experience with Roslyn this past fall. I live in the neighborhood and and walked by her store dozens of times. I had always admired the jewelry but didn’t realize she sold engagement rings as well.

My (now) fiance and I were in the process of looking for unconventional engagement rings, and I stumbled into Roslyn’s store one day. She was so warm, accommodating and did not pressure us at all. My fiance ended up returning to buy an engagement ring from her and proposed one week later.

I can’t say I was the easiest bride-to-be, and I am embarrassed to say I needed the ring modified three times (sizing, and then not liking the feel of the little platinum balls to make the ring smaller). Through it all Roslyn was so overly accommodating and never made me once feel bad. Plus, she did all the modifications without extra charge. She said she wouldn’t stop working with me until it was perfect. And, it is! I love my ring so much, and will definitely be buying more pieces from her in the future.
— Chelsea H. — Manhattan, NY
A truly amazing experience! Recently I needed to have my engagement ring diamonds reset (due to being mislead in the Diamond District). I saw a gorgeous ring in Roslyn’s neighborhood shop and she and her jeweler were able to take the pave diamonds from my ring to create a replica. I held onto my solitaire diamond until the ring was complete. Roslyn accompanied me to the jeweler to oversee the setting of my diamond. She was there every step of the way making sure everything was done to perfection which really relieved a lot of my stress. My husband and I could not be happier with our beautiful new ring! The overall experience felt very comfortable and personal. If you are looking for an intimate experience and a stunning jewelry selection, Roslyn’s is the place for you!
— K.O. — Manhattan, NY
My mother and my sister and I visited Roslyn’s shop when we were walking on the UWS for my sister’s birthday a month ago. I live in the village and my family is from New Jersey so I am rarely uptown - and they are not in NYC too frequently. We weren’t looking to buy jewelry but the beautiful pieces in the window display caught our eye and we decided to peek inside.

I loved everything! So did my family. All three of us have very different taste in jewelry (and clothes, decorating, anything at all) and yet we all wanted everything sold in Roslyn’s store. My sister picked out a ring she loved and my mother bought it at as a birthday gift for her. They picked up the ring a few days ago after resizing - it is absolutely stunning. Roslyn’s jeweler was even able to keep intact the gorgeous detailing on the side of the ring, after the resizing. The craftsmanship was top notch.

I have been ill and going through treatment and wasn’t well when I was in the store with my family. Roslyn noticed. When my mother and sister picked up the ring, Roslyn handed them a necklace for me. It was a gift that had “good luck” beads strung on the necklace to help me with my illness - and it was so pretty. I was totally surprised at Roslyn’s incredible generosity and kindness. I had only met her once and yet she wanted to do something to help me. I am so amazed - Roslyn is wonderful.

I can certainly use the good luck, and I will be thrilled and honored to wear the necklace she gave me. It put a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait to see her again and to give her a hug in person. In the meantime, I have been telling my friends that when I get engaged, they should send my fiancee to Roslyn because I want an engagement ring from that shop!
— Amy C. — Manhattan, NY
My fiancee brought me to this great little store to pick a wedding bang, and I could not be happier. The owner helped us pick from her wide, not to mention beautiful selection herself. Not only does this store carry gorgeous traditional rings, but they also have a wide range of more eccentric but equally enticing rings. I left with a beautiful platinum ring, with diamonds and turquoise accents. Not only is it amazing, it’s totally me. And the way they helped us, I felt very important. They were very nice, without being pushy, I never felt pressured.
— Diane B. — Manhattan, NY
I was looking for a stackable set of rings when I stepped into Roslyn’s. She helped me herself and I bought a set of beautiful rings in yellow, rose and white gold. They treated me great, and were very helpful, letting me try on quite a few sets before I made my selection. She even had my own rings cleaned while I was browsing, for free! I left feeling super happy with my purchase and I’m definitely going back!
— Sadie W. — Brooklyn, NY
Roslyn and the wonderful ladies that work with her are the reason my husband and I own our beautiful rings and the earrings I wore at my wedding. The salespeople were so helpful and gave us individual attention so that we were absolutely sure we found the right ring. I will always go to ROSLYN for my jewelry purchases. The jewelry is beautiful and unique. I love this store.
— Margaret S. — New York, NY
Mr & I were strolling along Columbus & the fun & funky woolly hats in the windows of Roslyn drew us inside

What immediately greeted us however was the MOST adorable Schnauzer - he was so excited to see us walk in & was a total luvbug. The baby’s owner was just a random customer who was chatting w/ the owners & they were laughing & having a great time - made for such a fun atmosphere!

We walked over to the hat corner & saw lots of knitted, woolly hats of all kinds of wool varities - plus, some were bejeweled, some had beads, some had fur.....very unique & fun

I especially liked 1 w/ a beaded lady walking this ginormous beaded spider, on a leash - how whimsical! 2 small things prevented me for jumping on that hat.....I tend to have a big old pumpkin head & most hats are too small for me. The price was $420 ( & this was 1 of the cheaper hats )

So even though we didn’t indulge in any special wares this day, we would be happy to come back & browse some more & just hope that adorable doggie ambassador was there again
— Adrienne G. — San Francisco, CA